What Secret 17th April Holds For Verge?

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The ongoing speculation surrounding the mysterious partner of Verge (XVG) is at its peak which has triggered a surge in XVG price. Being so close to 17 April, Verge community is on the edge of their seats for what is to be the biggest partnership in the crypto industry ever.

Continue reading: https://coingape.com/what-17th-april-holds-for-verge-xvg-prices/

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Good to know. But it’s also good to remember that when news it out, it’s probably too late to make profits on it. What’s more, people say buy rumors sell facts. Combining it with fact that most coins uses news to artificially increase price, we may bet that this news won’t be as good as rumored. IMO it will be disappointing. But ones, like you, who are spreading it will benefit. So please, stop this scam.

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Lol it’s I much scam I don’t believe anyone will put a money on it. But actually, people did this. Just take a look at Verge price. It’s so funny. And so classic. People will never learn through their mistakes.