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TRENDINGZ - best stocks to watch this week 2018-01-20

TRENDINGZ - best stocks to watch this week 2018-01-20

Results were really astonishing. More than 7% return in 14 days! And to be honest, it should be even higher.

Hey! And welcome back to Trendingz, list of best trending stocks to watch in upcoming week. Again, I have made analysis of more than 150 trending stocks from past week and choose TOP 10 most interesting for you. But always remember – make your own, independent decisions and set SL! Trending stocks may be very volatile! And never invest without investing rules. That may save a lot of your money. Don’t waste it!

First of all, let’s check out results of our top 10 stocks from previous week:

TSLA.US 10,6%
JNJ.US 4,0%
UNFI.US 9,2%
CMG.US 9,6%
WTW.US 35,4%
RRC.US -4,1%
P.US -15,7%
ARCC.US 1,3%
RAD.US 13,8%

Results were really astonishing. More than 7% return in 14 days! And to be honest, it should be even higher, as I count whole lose on P. Stop Lose should be close in that setup, so you shouldn’t lose more than few percent ;) On the other hand I’m including whole return on Tesla, even though confirmation of setup was later. Anyway it was one of best Trendingz, especially when we look at WTW. What’s more only one setup didn’t work out. Nice! Hidden setups also brought decent returns:

GE.US -12,3%
AGN.US 5,2%
AKAO.US 3,1%

I have to mention that GE was only to watch! And still is :) There was no playable setup so nothing happened. AGN and AKAO brought decent returns. Good week, really! But let’s move on, to this week trending.

At the beginning I must confess – it was extremely hard to pick stocks for this week Trendingz. Really. Everything is at top or nearly at top. It’s so strange. Nearly each stock I was analyzing (I’m checking top trending stocks/most popular from previous week) was skyrocketing, reaching new high etc. I feel that correction is upcoming. And I don’t feel like I want to invest much money now.
But that’s only my opinion. Now setups! Top 10 best trending stocks, random order:

  • Tesla Inc. [TSLA]

    On previous Trendingz I wrote that I really love this triangle pattern on Tesla stock. Now I love how it worked out. Considering that this triangle took much time to build, I think it’s not over yet with gains. Now you are kind of late for this train, and risk/reward ratio is not so good, but I think it still may be worth to give it a try. Especially if shares price will bounce back to triangle band.
  • Disney [DIS] When you watch Disney, you will see this long time, rising wedge pattern. During this week analysis, I’ve seen a lot of them. So we will have either shares gaining more momentum when rising or… upcoming correction. The signal? Point where shares will leave wedges. On Disney movement should be huge. Up or down. Of course remember to set SL. And to wait for the signal :)
  • Twitter [TWTR] A socialmedia company made mostly of bots ;) Again, we have wedge pattern. Again, it was forming for pretty long time. That means outcome movement should be huge. Up or down? We need to wait. For sure it’s worth to keep an eye on Twitter. And set SL if you see the signal ;)
  • Pfizer [PFE] Guess what?! Wedge pattern! Long time frame. Huge movement expected! Now you should know what I was talking about. Three big companies, three wedge patterns. A few more are awaiting for you and a lot more I even don’t mention here. There is something big upcoming. What’s more, I feel like all the wedges will give false signals of trend continuation, then starting correction. But those are my predictions  Don’t get fooled ;)
  • CNA Financial Corp [CNA] That’s really a nice triangle. And this one you shouldn’t miss. Signal may be given tomorrow, so you will have perfect timing to enter the market with really nice R/R ratio. Imo worth to try, I’d call it one of top setups from all this week Trendingz, so for sure keep and eye on CNA Financial Corp stock next week. Or even bet money on these gains.
  • OKTA Inc. [OKTA] One more triangle. What I can say more? Wait for signal, set SL, have fun. As good as one above. But keep in mind that CNA may give signal earlier, while OKTA may end up with bigger move (as triangle here took longer to “build”).
  • Groupon Inc [GRPN] OK last triangle for today. And one I like least. Worth to keep an eye, as signal still didn’t show up. But possible outcome is very limited comparing to risk, while movement shouldn’t be also huge. That’s why I’m not a big fan of it. But I’m not the one to decide which one you’ll like more ;)
  • Nike [NKE] Did I say something about wedge patterns everywhere? So here we have another one. Bit smaller, but still noticeable. The rest about it you should know after lecture of previous setups ;)
  • Ocular Therapeutix Inc. [OCUL] Finally we have something from Ichimoku! A Kumo Breaktout! My fav pattern. Unlucky, we are kind of late here. Does it mean there will be no more gains? Of course not! Strong Ichimoku signal means that trend has probably changed. So kind of.. sky is the limit? But here I’d first wait for correction, to increase R/R ratio. Or just give up on this. I’m not so much into OCUL. I’d rather go for triangle patterns this week.
  • Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc. [ICPT] We were writing about ICPT on one of previous Trendingz. Now we can see very nice wedge pattern, this time falling one. And I love a lot more falling wedges than rising ones. Outcome may be significant, SL will be close. If ICPT brings buy signal it will be perfect time to invest. It’s one of most interesting stocks to watch, with super cool R/R ratio.

Last but not least – another extra ones just for registered users. One with enormous potential for gains, closer to cryptocurrencies that to stocks… Lets have a look: 😉

So that’s all of best trending stocks to watch next week. It was really hard to pick even that many. Something is in the air, you may feel it. I really hope that I’m wrong. But combining signals form Trendingz + hidden one companies, we may see that a lot of people are betting on huge move uncoming. And probably – a correction one. As always - remember that there is no magic wand and there is no possibility that each setup will work! Just check previous results! That’s why you should always set SL. Always! Also, don’t rush and wait for pattern to be completed and give you buy or sell signal! Good luck to all of you!

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