Tokenpay (TPAY) Technical Analysis - time to buy!

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Hey! As crypto market bounces back, it's good time to seek for some investing opportunities. One of my favorites now is Tokenpay (TPAY), which offers really good risk/reward ratio. Take a look at the picture:

This time I'm doing analysis on 1h period. And what's interesting here, is Ichimoku cloud. Crossing it would create strong sell signal (, but cloud is also very strong support. If we close today above cloud, we will have perfect opportunity to invest in Tokenpay with very close SL. I'd set it just below latest dip, around 4.24.
Buying signal is supported by RSI. Near oversold territory, suggests we need at least a correction. Together with Ichimoku, this combination may bring us strong buy signal.

1. If we close above Kumo today, buy
2. SL at 4.24
3. TP around 5.15

Make your own decisions. And keep fingers crossed for Tokenpay ;)

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This one is doing really well. I think overall rebound of crypto will help TPAY reach the sky. Fingers crossed!