Market Crash - S&P even -6%, BitCoin collapse

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So did you read previous Trendingz? Check it out here:
I was warning that correction is upcoming. It was also pleasure to write about UXVG as it completely skyrocketed recently. Fast and nice cash. Impoossible even on coins right now ;)

But when it comes to market, all signs are saying that sale off will continue. Worth to watch:
CHF Index
JPY Index
QCOM - rising bid to 80$ in recurring M&A should have sooner or later huge impact on price

As for US market - I'm skeptical, as it needs still more breath. And playing short is not for me ;)
What are your types for investments during this correction? Do you think it will be longer one?

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OMG today's volatility is killing me. I haven't been so stressed for years!

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