Kinguin ICO analysis - ICO with great potential

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I've been looking for some interesting ICOs and I came across Kinguin ICO. To ones not familiar with it - Kinguin is global company, which created platform where gamers could sell their cd-keys. So it's kind of online used games market. Very simple, very useful and ofc very cheap. Now they start ICO:


In my opinion currently ICOs are either scams or capital raise attempts. Just look at this - IPOs on shares market are expensive, take long time and require a lot of documents, work, disclosures and obligations. ICOs are fast, anonymous, cheap. That's why a lot of companies are doing ICOs instead of IPOs. And so does Kinguin.

And this particular ICO looks promising. Why? first of all, it's a real company, with real team, product, revenues. They proved that it works! And now by selling their tokens, they are rising cash for further development. It may work out or not. Just like with shares. But at least they will do everything to accomplish their goals. And that's why I'm gonna take part in their ICO. To place a bet that this product can be upgraded and bring more profits. To Kinguin and to token owners. Tokens are shares ;)

Anyone here buying too?

PS. Those penguins are cute. People but cute things. Especially chinese/korean and japan people love cute things. they will buy this ICO. This ICO will be a success.

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That's exactly the kind of market player that will fuel further growth of cryptos by providing a vast userbase and transaction opportunities to the early adopters counted in millions.

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ICO ends tomorrow. I'm looking for really great debut. Doesn't matter if this project is legit or not. They have so good marketing and PR that for sure we will have huge pump at the beginning.