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I'm looking to invest into XRP and hold for about 2-3yrs.
Was first looking to buy through a cryptocurrency exchange, but am seeing it's better to go through a forex broker as it gives me better protection. However, I see that forex trading is mostly day trading and I'd have to pay overnight fees.

Any suggestions on how I can trade XRP at a reliable forex broker for a long term?

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It's very hard to look long term with any crypto before they are better established and recognised by institutions. Any crypto may disappear any minute, however as time goes, it becomes increasingly unlikely for the large cryptos to vanish. But volatility will sustain and it poses the highest cost to the instrument, not necessarily fees.
Speaking of brokers, I was going to do exactly the same: look at respected FX brokers to first and foremost figure out which provide ownership of cryptos (I was going to write 'physical' but it would be ridiculous), and which trade them as Contracts for Difference. I prefer the first option, equal to having tokens in my wallet. I'm going to first talk to eToro, XM and markets.com on their arrangements regarding crypto trading as such, not limited to Ripple.