Gemini exchange adds support for ZCash trading!

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Gemini exchange, a major player in the world of cryptocurrency, surprisingly added ZCash to their trading platform:
That means for sure increase in Zcash popularity. Especially among institutional investors. But I wonder is it enough to justify enormous price surge after this? Gaining 50% in less than 2 days is crazy, when we think it's just another exchange added. Cool, more trading, more popularity. But how did it increase internal project value? Usability? I think current pump is too fast, making me sell my ZCash now. I'll wait for correction and buy it back, cashing some fast profits. What do you think about this?

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When it comes to crypto, you should take into consideration that popularity is beneficial. The higher price of the coin, the higher profits for mining, the more miners we have. This reduces transaction fees and cost. That's why I think it's beneficial for ZCash to gain such popularity. In long term it will bring a lot of benefits. I wouldn't sell it right now, when the real development just starts! Come one, they become popular, now everything will speed up. With no amount paid for marketing! Best deal ever!