Ethereum Classic (ETC) is on fire and it's not over!

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Crypto is fighting back and one of best battles takes place on Ethereum Classic (ETC) chart. Just take a look:
Among all top coins Ethereum Classic is rocking most today. Soon we should have buy signal, from old Japanese technique - Ichimoku. It's called kumo breakout and happens when price crosses (currently red) cloud. More about signals -
There is only one thing which may stop us from faster growth after buy signal - we need to cool down RSI. We are close to overbought territory and it nearly always end up with correction.
Startegy for now:
1. If we cross kumo without correction in upcoming days, wait for small correction and then buy
2. If we cross kumo AFTER correction which should take plane in upcoming days, buy after signal is given. RSI should be lower and gains should be sustainable.

Those are my prediction. What are yours?

If you want to check it yourself, go to Ethereum Classic (ETC) chart tool:

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If your analysis is right, we may have signal today or tomorrow. Bitcoin is rising, Ethereum is rising so I suppose ETC can join this trend. Interesting to see if Ichimoku will work. Keeping an eye close ;)

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Kumo is so strong, perfect resistance level:
No buy signal yet. And you can see how ichi works, supports and resistances worked ;) Still watching Ethereum Classic (ETC) though.