David Fish RIP, author of famous U.S. Dividend Champions spreadsheets

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I have very bad news for all investors focusing on dividend investing. David Fish, author of my beloved U.S. Dividend Champions list, has passed away:
It's a big loose for whole investors world. Thanks to his job it was extremely easy to find and pick best dividend stocks every month (http://www.dripinvesting.org/tools/tools.asp). His tough work helped me for years, even though I never had time to thank him in prober way. I wish him very best and hope he moved to much better place. I have no idea now where to find another such great quality content, but hope someone will continue his excellent work.

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Worst news of the day :( Wish him very best!

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I've been using Dividend Champions list for years. Such a horrible news for all of us. May he rest in peace!

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Good news! Seems like list is still being updated, check out:
Updated 11 June 18
Hurrayyyy! :)