So bitcoin recently is having very hard days. First we have hit from US regulators investigating potential price manipulation at four major cryptocurrency exchanges (Coinbase, Bitstamp, itBit and Kraken). Then we had hack of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail:
Not a major player, but seems that impact was significant. Price dropped nearly $1k in 24 hours. Ultra fast. Let's have a look at chart:
Seems like we have serious problems here. Bitcoin price left triangle pattern. Although a lot of triangles on bitcoin are fakes, now we may have some knowledge why price drop was so fast. Traders just played patter, stop losses were activated, bitcoin price crashed.
I'm sorry to say, buy such volume in such place means it's not over with falling.
HODLers I wish you strong nerves. You will need them :(

I'll add better chart picture tomorrow. Having some problems today :/ If you want to see my analysis, just write here a comment and tomorrow you will have update :)