Stocks To Buy For Short Term

Trading strategies and speculative ideas to apply immediately to stocks which are expected to move sharply.
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Stocks To Buy For Long Term

Suggestions of stocks to buy and hold forever, the Buffet way, enjoying dividends, stable growth and moderate pulldowns even in bad periods.
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Growth Stocks

The companies whose earnings grow quicker than the market average, and are expected to sustain the trend, quickly increasing their equity in the near future.
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Value Stocks

Undervalued firms traded significantly below their fundamental value, e.g. net assets, book value of equity or discounted dividends.
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Dividend Stocks (3 Viewing)

Regular payers, returning excessive cash to investors at a hefty rate, which are expected to continue to do so nearly forever.
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Penny Stocks

Highly speculative stocks, traded below $1, therefore risky and volatile but offering high upside in case things go exceptionally well.
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Blue Chip Stocks

Giant companies with solid reputation, perceived as indestructible and relatively less risky than others - the elite of every stock market.
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Sector and Industry Investing

Sector approach to investing, focusing on outlooks for specific segments rather than individual stocks, but personally taking care of diversifying the portfolio.
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Warning Notices

Official and unofficial heads up relating to the conduct, integrity or reputation issues of corporations or their officials that may damage pricing of the stocks.
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