Technical Analysis

Practical issues and examples how to use Japanese candlesticks, Fibonacci's ratios, oscillators and indicators in stock trading.
73 posts in 8 topics.

Fundamental Analysis

Analysis of financial statements and interpreting fundamental ratios to determine the opportunities and threats in fundamental stock investing.
73 posts in 11 topics.

Corporate Finance and Valuation

Practical approach to researching whether the company creates or destroys shareholders' value by looking at its capital structure and performance ratios.
8 posts in 5 topics.

Risk Management and Portfolio Allocation

Applying various theories and models to daily practice with a goal to reduce risk but not profits from stock market investing.
21 posts in 4 topics.

Professional Courses, Universities and Studies

From MBA to CFA and ACCA, a review of education options for stock brokers, investment managers and financial professionals.
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