Treasury Securities, Government Bonds, Money Market Funds

Safe, low-risk investments to protect your money in a long term, secure from loss and compensated for inflation, if only in theory.
4 posts in 1 topics.

Retirement Plans, Pension Funds, Savings Accounts

The products and services supporting saving for retirement without hassle or risk.
5 posts in 5 topics.

Tax Optimization Strategies

Various legitimate solutions to reduce or defer tax liabilities related to investing or saving money.
17 posts in 11 topics.

Personal Budget Management

Short and medium term purchasing or borrowing decisions related to the family and personal financial planning, which may have long term consequences.
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Small Business and Self Employment

From starting a business to record keeping, planning investments and taxes, budgeting for revenues and costs, pricing, to obtaining entrepreneurs' grants.
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Employment Advice

Getting the most on the job market, from job hunting or negotiating a salary raise to managing a fruitful career without taking part in rat race.
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Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Deposits

Saving the money relatively safe and accessing it flexibly when traveling around the world, without paying excessive banking fees and commissions.
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Credit Cards, Mortgages, Personal Loans

Borrowing money for various needs with little burden, fair interest rates and flexible terms, sometimes with not so great credit score.
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Insurance Advice

Practical tips and real testimonies on car, house, travel, or health insurance, especially what happened when things went wrong.
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