Educational Resources

Books, online courses, tutorials, YouTube lessons, educational websites - those recommended for investors and those warned against.
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Investing Websites

Worthwhile sources of daily news, commentaries, stock research and investing tips. Also reviews of paid stock advisory services.
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Computer Software and Online Tools

From technical analysis to portfolio management, a catalogue of software and apps designed to support investing decisions.
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Brokerage Accounts

Choosing the best stock broker for the particular needs, circumstances and whereabouts of different investors, in terms of coverage, flexibility and costs.
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CFD, Forex, and other Spread Betting Platforms

Investing with market makers instead of brokers - reviews and testimonials on the popular platforms offering spread betting.
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Scam and Fraud Alerts

Warning notices related to investment scams, Ponzi schemes, fraudulent firms or pump and dump actions which are just too many.
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The Shrink's Couch

Psychological support group in troubles related to investing. A safe place to confess, shed tears and make a fresh start after a failure.
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