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Stocks To Buy For Short Term

Trading strategies and speculative ideas to apply immediately to stocks which are expected to move sharply.
108 posts in 44 topics.

Stocks To Buy For Long Term

Suggestions of stocks to buy and hold forever, the Buffet way, enjoying dividends, stable growth and moderate pulldowns even in bad periods.
61 posts in 25 topics.

Growth Stocks

The companies whose earnings grow quicker than the market average, and are expected to sustain the trend, quickly increasing their equity in the near future.
222 posts in 52 topics.

Value Stocks

Undervalued firms traded significantly below their fundamental value, e.g. net assets, book value of equity or discounted dividends.
19 posts in 9 topics.

Dividend Stocks (30 Viewing)

Regular payers, returning excessive cash to investors at a hefty rate, which are expected to continue to do so nearly forever.
101 posts in 37 topics.

Penny Stocks

Highly speculative stocks, traded below $1, therefore risky and volatile but offering high upside in case things go exceptionally well.
16 posts in 7 topics.

Blue Chip Stocks

Giant companies with solid reputation, perceived as indestructible and relatively less risky than others - the elite of every stock market.
163 posts in 52 topics.

Sector and Industry Investing

Sector approach to investing, focusing on outlooks for specific segments rather than individual stocks, but personally taking care of diversifying the portfolio.
137 posts in 36 topics.

Warning Notices

Official and unofficial heads up relating to the conduct, integrity or reputation issues of corporations or their officials that may damage pricing of the stocks.
84 posts in 29 topics.


Bitcoin (3 Viewing)

All about the most popular cryptocurrency, covering purchasing, storing and investing into Bitcoins, as well as mining and obtaining BTC for free.
180 posts in 35 topics.

Altcoin - alternative cryptocurrencies

How to distinguish gold from brass among over 1200 Bitcoin-like currencies, everything on valuing, researching and investing into AltCoins.
288 posts in 88 topics.

Initial Coin Offering

Ever wondered "Is this ICO a scam?" Let’s try to find an answer for that. ICO analysis, description, promotion and general discussion.
16 posts in 7 topics.


Educational Resources

Books, online courses, tutorials, YouTube lessons, educational websites - those recommended for investors and those warned against.
49 posts in 13 topics.

Investing Websites

Worthwhile sources of daily news, commentaries, stock research and investing tips. Also reviews of paid stock advisory services.
15 posts in 2 topics.

Computer Software and Online Tools

From technical analysis to portfolio management, a catalogue of software and apps designed to support investing decisions.
8 posts in 2 topics.

Brokerage Accounts

Choosing the best stock broker for the particular needs, circumstances and whereabouts of different investors, in terms of coverage, flexibility and costs.
1 posts in 1 topics.

CFD, Forex, and other Spread Betting Platforms

Investing with market makers instead of brokers - reviews and testimonials on the popular platforms offering spread betting.
5 posts in 2 topics.

Scam and Fraud Alerts

Warning notices related to investment scams, Ponzi schemes, fraudulent firms or pump and dump actions which are just too many.
2 posts in 2 topics.

The Shrink's Couch

Psychological support group in troubles related to investing. A safe place to confess, shed tears and make a fresh start after a failure.
No discussion or recent activity.


Corporate Bonds

Debt-related instruments issued by corporations, including High Yield Bonds - more risky than they look but can be very rewarding for diligent investors.
2 posts in 1 topics.

Real-estate and Properties

Everything on investing in properties, whether buying to rent, developing the land, buying developer's shares or putting money into real-estate funds.
13 posts in 4 topics.

Currencies and Commodities Trading

Tips, techniques and advise related to trading the instruments based on various currency pairs, as well as Gold, Crude, Coffee and other commodities.
156 posts in 24 topics.

Startup and Seed Investing

Selecting very early stage companies to invest either on equity crowdfunding platforms or directly into businesses started by enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.
41 posts in 5 topics.

Mutual Funds, ETFs, Closed-end Funds, Hedge and PE Funds

Investing in various private and public collective investment instruments instead of picking stocks on your own.
5 posts in 1 topics.

Wealth Management and Asset Management Firms

Reviews, opinions and suggestions on using professional investment firms to manage portfolios.
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Exotic Assets Investments

Real feedback and hands-on experience from investors in vintage cars, whiskey, wine, post stamps, art and other eyebrow-raising asset classes.
10 posts in 3 topics.


Technical Analysis

Practical issues and examples how to use Japanese candlesticks, Fibonacci's ratios, oscillators and indicators in stock trading.
73 posts in 8 topics.

Fundamental Analysis

Analysis of financial statements and interpreting fundamental ratios to determine the opportunities and threats in fundamental stock investing.
73 posts in 11 topics.

Corporate Finance and Valuation

Practical approach to researching whether the company creates or destroys shareholders' value by looking at its capital structure and performance ratios.
8 posts in 5 topics.

Risk Management and Portfolio Allocation

Applying various theories and models to daily practice with a goal to reduce risk but not profits from stock market investing.
21 posts in 4 topics.

Professional Courses, Universities and Studies

From MBA to CFA and ACCA, a review of education options for stock brokers, investment managers and financial professionals.
1 posts in 1 topics.


Treasury Securities, Government Bonds, Money Market Funds

Safe, low-risk investments to protect your money in a long term, secure from loss and compensated for inflation, if only in theory.
4 posts in 1 topics.

Retirement Plans, Pension Funds, Savings Accounts

The products and services supporting saving for retirement without hassle or risk.
5 posts in 5 topics.

Tax Optimization Strategies

Various legitimate solutions to reduce or defer tax liabilities related to investing or saving money.
17 posts in 11 topics.

Personal Budget Management

Short and medium term purchasing or borrowing decisions related to the family and personal financial planning, which may have long term consequences.
6 posts in 6 topics.

Small Business and Self Employment

From starting a business to record keeping, planning investments and taxes, budgeting for revenues and costs, pricing, to obtaining entrepreneurs' grants.
15 posts in 5 topics.

Employment Advice

Getting the most on the job market, from job hunting or negotiating a salary raise to managing a fruitful career without taking part in rat race.
17 posts in 6 topics.

Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Deposits

Saving the money relatively safe and accessing it flexibly when traveling around the world, without paying excessive banking fees and commissions.
10 posts in 2 topics.

Credit Cards, Mortgages, Personal Loans

Borrowing money for various needs with little burden, fair interest rates and flexible terms, sometimes with not so great credit score.
6 posts in 6 topics.

Insurance Advice

Practical tips and real testimonies on car, house, travel, or health insurance, especially what happened when things went wrong.
8 posts in 3 topics.


Personal Investing Chronicles

A place to keep your investment diary or just loose notes on thoughts, fears and hopes related to your investing adventures - and sharing them with others.
27 posts in 2 topics.

Hyde Park

Discussion on every subject not covered by the previous forums (with respect), socializing, conspiracy theories. Occassional classifieds welcome.
103 posts in 29 topics.


Requests for technical support, errors heads-up, exchange of ideas and suggesting new functions to implement on
7 posts in 2 topics.