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STEX today price 2018-07-16 14:38:32 UTC
2.46 USD ()
0.00037148 BTC ()
0.00520111 ETH ()
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First listing on 2017-06-11
Category Token
Avg Daily Volume 65.59K USD
Volatility 442.72% VERY HIGH


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STeX – The Killer of Traditional Exchanges

...April 4, 2018 STeX  cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a decentralized advanced crypto coin platform bringing liquidity and prices from all major exchanges in one place. Coin holders can now trade cross-rates among coins directly. In effect, if any two coins are listed on STeX, investor can trade one against the other directly, which enables thousands .Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis appeared first on STeX – The Killer of Traditional ExchangesThe post

Choosing a Cryptocurrency Exchange and Solving the Liquidity Problem with HFT algorithms

The rise of cryptocurrency trading has absolutely everything to do with exchange platforms. Today, the global trade volume is booming, and cryptocurrency exchanges are adding more than 100k new users a day. They represent the focal point for deal-making in the sector, by allowing everyone to execute trades without having to read through numerous forums in order to find someone willing to take the other side of the transaction with no guarantees of success and security. By design, exchanges provide the entire crypto market with an essential service: liquidity. Here, we discuss it, see how HFT algorithms can assess it